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About Me

ABOUT ME: My great passions have always included reading and writing. When not engaged in one of those past times, I enjoy baking, walks and time spent with friends and family.

MY BOOKS: My debut novel Dating Maggie was released by Limitless Publishing in 2015 under my pen-name MJ Greenway. Also under my pen name and published by Molly Pitcher Publishing are: Sarah Starting OverGreyson Starting Over and The Proposition, co-written with Anna Starr. 

Click to buy MJ Greenway's Books on Amazon.

You may click here to check out MJ Greenway's blog for updates.

In addition, my children's story Pumpkin Pi was published in The Writer's Mill Journal under my real name Melissa Uhles. In addition, We Love You No Matter What, my first children's story and coloring book is also available on Amazon.
I also blog about parenting and writing at Moms Write.

Here's a book trailer I wrote for DATING MAGGIE. It was directed by Natasha Green.

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